How To Decrease Speed Of Video On A PC

Learning how to decrease the speed of the video is not as difficult as it sounds. Learning to change the way a scene is shot and edited can dramatically reduce the time from scenes that take long to get to the point of action and moving the camera along. With a bit of understanding of film, editing, and lighting, you can see that making speed changes can dramatically impact your video’s result. When you see movies, you’ll often notice that the characters in a fast-paced scene move quickly and seem almost jumping ahead of the camera. Also, the camera angles are constantly shifting as a single character’s feet pass.

Decrease Speed Without Losing Picture Quality

You may wonder how to decrease the speed of video without losing the quality of the picture. This is simple. Since you are shooting in slow motion, you don’t need to have every frame super slow. The key is not to slow the video down but instead to change the clips’ speed between slow and fast. This allows your viewers the choice of watching the video at an average pace or moving the camera as fast as possible.

Slow-Motion Footage

If you have slow-motion footage and would like to share it, there are two methods you can use. One is to edit using a software program that offers this feature. Using one of these programs makes tiny clips appear to be hours or even minutes long. These programs will also adjust the image so that you get the effect you desire.

Unfortunately, this type of editing requires you to use a lot of specialized equipment. A computer with the ability to run video clips through is necessary. Some programs will let you import your footage directly from the file. Others will allow you to import footage from DVDs that you already have on your hard drive. Regardless of which you choose, you need to know that this process will take some time.

Editing Software Programs

In addition to using these programs, you may also want to invest in an editing software program. While you still need a computer with video capture capabilities, the cost is a lot less than what you would spend on the specialized equipment. It will save you money since you will not need to buy more equipment to make your videotapes as impressive as before.

Before you begin editing, you should first know how to increase the speed of the video. To do this, you should find out exactly where your slow-motion footage is coming from. Sometimes, slow motion is created when someone is panning their camera too quickly. To fix this, you should turn the scene around. Panning the camera rapidly will cause the footage to freeze, but if you hold the Move Picture Control button instead, you will be able to pan the camera around and see the entire scene.

After you have fixed your footage, you can begin editing. You need to use one of the two different programs that are built into the computer. These programs allow you to trim, move, fade, and remove portions of the video as needed. Depending on your video size, you can use one of these programs. However, if you try to use one of the other programs, it will make the footage look even slower.


When looking for information on how to decrease the speed of video shot on a PC, you need to remember to look for the features mentioned above. Also, make sure that you have the proper software installed. For example, if you only have Windows Movie Maker installed on your PC, you should upgrade to the Windows Movie Player application. There are plenty of third-party applications available, but these two work very well with Windows Movie Maker. This will ensure that your videos look great. If you keep these tips in mind, you should learn how to decrease the speed of the video that is shot on a PC.