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Are you needing a professional company to help with Audio Restoration?

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Professional Audio & Video Restoration

Searching for a professional company to help with audio restoration, video enhancement, or background noise removal from a digital file or audio recordings?

We help attorneys, law enforcement agencies, employers and individuals clear up a wide variety of audio video files and situations with noisy audio problems. 

Having quality issues on voice recordings? Do your audio tracks hiss or have wind noise, background music, or other sound effects that make it difficult to hear the dialogue clearly? No problem!


Are you needing a professional company to help with Audio Restoration?

Why Use A Media Restoration Service?

Sometimes a pivotal piece of evidence in an important case can be an audio recording from a less than professional source. If your audio evidence is not crystal clear, high-quality audio, it has a chance of being inadmissible in court. That’s where we come in.

Our audio and video engineers have had years of experience crafting sound for films music, and the spoken word. We will strive to restore your audio or video recording in the most efficient and cleanest way possible without altering the content of the original recording.

Removing background noise is our specialty and can sometimes make or break a case.  Don’t waste your money on tools and software you have no idea how to use.

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Media Restoration

We offer flat rate pricing of $399 $199 for the first file, no matter the length or format.
Discounts available for multiple file cleanups.

Simply fill out the form below and options to upload your audio file will appear.  We always review your recording for FREE before we send you the invoice.  

During our review, we will determine the areas we can help with noise reduction and improve your audio recording and let you know before payment so you can decide.  If our audio engineers can’t improve your sound recording, we will let you know that too.