Our Story

MM was founded by a group of Audio and Video professionals tired of seeing “forensic experts” price gouge people for their services. We know that needing audio or video enhancement can be a stressful and sometimes emotional experience. Though enhancement services take skill and training, they don’t have to cost a fortune or be overly complicated for you, our customer.

At Media Medic, we offer a new, simpler way of doing things by providing our services remotely for a flat fee per file, no matter the length or severity of cleanup.

Our team of technicians and advisors come from various industry backgrounds, including film production, audio production, law enforcement, legal services, government, and private investigators, all with a passion for making audio and video enhancement as accessible as possible.

If you’re looking for a convoluted, pricey experience, we aren’t your people. But if results are what matter to you, you’ve found the perfect solution with Media Medic.

What You Can Expect

All We Do Is Media Clean Up. 

What You Can Expect From Us

All we do is clean up media