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Struggling to uncover what’s hidden within your audio files? Join hundreds of satisfied customers who trusted Media Medic to illuminate the obscured. We’re your ally in revealing the unfiltered truth.

joshua review

Needed help cleaning up a recording and these guys were great! Great customer service and delivered on time!

Joshua J.


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Your newly cleaned file is returned to you within the timeframe specified (between 1-5 days) and our team provides a summary of the changes made.  

Let Media Medic help you uncover the truth hiding in your files.  


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Worried about hidden details in your recordings? Media Medic makes cleaning up audio files easy. We pull out the truth from the noise. Don’t let important sounds stay hidden. Find clarity and peace of mind with us.

How Audio Production Works in Music

Hear the Difference: Client Reviews!

See how Media Medic has made a profound difference for our clients. Our expert service has transformed murky, indistinguishable audio into crystal clear sound, revealing truths that were once hidden. 

Julianne K.

Media Medic did a wonderful job amplifying vocal dialogue and removing background noise on a low-quality voice memo recording. Service was quick and they were very responsive and helpful with any questions I had. Highly recommend.

Matt P

So easy! Uploaded the sound file, explained the audio quality issues and where I wanted help, paid for the service, and in a few days had my file back, sounding better than ever. Highly recommended!

Constance G.

I can’t begin to express my full satisfaction for the work the technicians at Media Medic did to clean up and restore my daughter’s audition CDs she made back in 2004 for her admission applications to music school.

Thanks, Media Medic, for making possible what other recording restorers said would be impossible !


100’s of Satisfied Clients


Got questions about Media Medic’s service? We’ve got answers! Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions section below to get the details you need about our audio cleanup process.

If you don’t see your question, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re here to help you uncover the truth in your audio files.

We are unable to provide input based on the content of your files. We can provide input around the quality of the recording, the noise profile, audio signal and clarity of audio, but none regarding content.  Often, just removing the background noise will clear up the unwanted sound enough for you to make a determination.  

We do not provide any kind of voice recognition services. We can provide clearer audio of a voice or dialogue by removing unwanted background noise and enhancing speech recordings, but cannot identify those voices for you. We also cannot remove any form of artificial voice or speech modulation.

Sometimes. Depending on the source and volume of noise or unwanted sound in your file, as well as the source and volume of what you’re trying to hear, we may be able to completely remove noise from your file. Some sources can’t simply be removed without damaging other data in the file. Sources such as television, radio, and dialogue are very problematic when trying to clarify voices in your file. In these instances, you would experience a reduction in that noise but not complete removal.

The audio and video engineers on the Media Medic Team have many years of experience working in film, music, and spoken word. They have gained professional skills in audio and video restoration and bring those qualifications to work to repair your files.

Each audio engineer on our team has advanced training on the latest digital audio workstation, as well advanced forensic level tools (far past traditional audio editing software, like audacity, acoustica, or another plugin or app, that generally rely on preset noise profiles and removal of generic sound effects to clean an audio track).  “Audio editor” doesn’t do justice to the level of expertise our team puts in to removing ambient noise, washing out the room tone, or even understanding the noise profile waveform. Rest assured, unwanted noise won’t find a place after our audio editing and restoration.  

If you’ve tried an audio editing app, similar to audacity, you’ll understand why a simple noise removal tool can’t match what a trained audio editor can do.  

We offer Authentication Reports for audio and video files, which goes above and beyond traditional audio restoration and noise removal. Pricing is determined after the scope of work is agreed upon. Our technicians will closely examine your files and write up a report explaining the manner of our examination and our findings regarding the integrity of your audio signal files.  Not just a tool like other services, our team breaks down the file manually.  


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