Video Quality Enhancement Tips

In this article, I will talk about video quality enhancement with the help of some free tools. First things first, let’s go over the importance of video quality. Quality is essential, especially when your customers are expecting a specific type of video. The video should be clear, crisp, and clean at all times.

De-compressing Video Data

One way to improve the quality of the video is by de-compressing video data. The data should be decompressed in a suitable format and encoded using a compression method that is known. If you have any de-compression or loss-reduction issues, it will affect the quality of the video.


The process used for de-compression involves the use of some lossless compression methods.

There are many de-compression tools on the internet. One such tool is WinVR. This tool is software that you can burn into an actual DVD. You then insert the burned DVD into your computer, and it will perform the video quality decompression for you. This process can increase the size of the video file, but it is not noticeable. You may not even notice it is happening because WinVR will perform its actions without any noticeable delay.


Another de-compression software is Handycam. This software can also be burned onto a DVD, but like WinVR, there may be some loss in quality. Handycam uses a proprietary format not supported by other video editing software, so it may take some time to get this format recognized by other programs. This is one of the few quality enhancement tips that will require you to invest in another program.

Quality Enhancement Programs

There are a lot of programs out there that you can use for quality enhancement. This includes the ever-popular Windows Movie Maker and the free movie editing and creation software like Corel Draw. Both of these programs will allow you to produce quality videos with simple steps. Of course, you can always use Windows Movie Maker in conjunction with an expensive video editing program.

Adobe After Effects CS5

One program that I consider to be the best for video editing and de-compression is Adobe After Effects CS5. This is not a video editing software that you can throw together, it does take some time to get the video right, but the results are often worth the time investment once you do it. The video quality enhancement tips that I mentioned above are supported by the HD Video compression option available with After Effects CS5.

Free Video Editing Software

If you don’t want to spend money on additional software, there are many options available in the form of free video editing software. My personal favorite for both video creation and the quality enhancement is the free clip-based movie maker from KompoZer. This software allows me to quickly and easily create short movies without having much fancy video equipment. The one downside to using this software is that it doesn’t have as many advanced features as other products. However, if you are just starting and don’t need or want to invest in many advanced features, the KompoZer free video editing software is probably the best solution.


These are just a few of the techniques that can help improve your video quality. There are lots of other methods that I won’t mention here as they tend to be either too complicated for a beginner or are too costly. If you’re new to video editing, I suggest that you start with a simple video and watch how well you do at improving the quality of the video. Once you’ve gotten good at it, you can branch out and look for more complex techniques.