Why You Need An Audio Loss Mitigation Expert

If you are fed up with listening to high levels of unwanted noise, then you might be considering audio loss mitigation. This can involve both reducing the volume level of external noise and masking any inherent defects in your audio system. Before taking up audio mitigation, you will need to decide what exactly you wish to achieve. Are you looking to reduce external noise so that you can enjoy your music more? Do you want your audio system to run at full blast without being overloaded?

Mitigation Expert Services

Once you decide what you wish to achieve from audio mitigation, you can start doing some serious research into the various options available to you. You might want to find a company that offers both mitigation services as well as audio system installations. Many specialist audio specialist companies offer the combined package, which can save you money. However, make sure that you find out if this is included in the price or whether the package is additional.

Noise Levels, Echoes, and Muffled Sounds

There are several ways in which an audio loss mitigation service can help your audio system. It may not just be enough to reduce noise levels simply; they should also take measures to rectify issues such as echoes and muffled sounds. Standard CD players and iPods usually have problems with noises originating from outside sources.

Familiar sources of noise include cars passing in on the street, nearby shops, and factories. These can all cause damage to your audio system. An audio loss mitigation installer will listen closely to these types of sounds. They will then create a custom solution for each client. A bespoke service, such as one for audio evidence,  will involve the use of strategically placed sound absorbent material to ensure no sound reaches your audio system.

Save Money

One of the main advantages of seeking professional audio loss mitigation advice is that it is likely to save you money. Many DIY methods can be expensive, not only in money terms but also because of the potential damage to your system. Professional consultants will consider your specific circumstances and recommend the best solution possible for your particular needs.

Inadequate Attenuation Levels

Many of the factors that lead to audio loss mitigation problems are down to personal neglect. The wrong equipment might be selected, or poor installation techniques may have been used, resulting in inadequate attenuation levels. It’s easy to blame the manufacturer when things go wrong, but it’s essential to try and get to the bottom of the problem. If you’re not sure what has gone wrong, you will be at a disadvantage when trying to sort out potential issues. It’s often worth calling your audio system’s manufacturer to ask for their advice on any potential rectifications that could make the problem go away.


Many DIY’ers will not think about the importance of a professional audio loss mitigation consultant. While a lot of knowledge is useful, you will still need someone to put it all together for you. They will take a thorough look at your audio system and identify any problematic areas. They will then recommend the best solution based upon their findings. They may suggest an expensive piece of equipment or point out some of the potential fixable problems.

The cost of audio mitigation will depend on the severity of the problem and the type of system it is. It’s often cheaper to replace the damaged part rather than getting it repaired. It’s equally possible to find affordable but high-quality after-market products that boost your audio system’s quality. Whichever solution you choose, remember that audio loss mitigation is usually just a short-term solution to a long-term problem.