Looking for a background noise and audio cleanup service near you?

Media Medic Can Help You No Matter Where You Are.

We understand the many needs for audio cleanup services and all that can ride on a single audio recording. From crucial evidence in a trial to a special recording of a loved one, what can be gained from audio enhancement and cleanup can be priceless.

But what if you have a physical recording instead of a digital one? Finding someone local to clean up audio, let alone someone with the capability of turning a variety of physical recording types into a digital one, can be impossible for some. Luckily, Media Medic is here to help you get the answers and results you are looking for, no matter your file type.

Though most files are submitted in digital format online, receiving recordings in an array of physical formats is no problem for the technicians at Media Medic. Media Medic customers have sent recordings in the form of cassettes, mini cassettes, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, camcorders, pocket recorders, and hidden microphone recorders, just to name a few. Some clients have even requested audio cleanup for use in civil litigation. After receiving these physical recordings, our experienced engineers determine the best method for capturing it in digital form for enhancement.

So, if you’re frantically looking for a local solution to cleaning up your physical recording, fret no longer! Let Media Medic bring your audio cleanup services to wherever you are. Here’s how to get started:

Fill out the contact form or call one of our customer service agents at 866-800-0167 to tell us a little bit about your recording. We’ll then give you mailing instructions for your physical recording.